Wednesday, April 23, 2008

la multimamada

astrid hadad's show ¡oh diosas! (to be read two ways, of course) from 2005 and 2006 brought back to the stages one of her dresses from the 1990's, "la multimamada." in this new millennium hadad's been singing a milonga: "la milonga del mono."

in this and in prior uses of the mammary motif, hadad's been using the dress as a stand-in for the ways in which the powers-that-be (small or large) have basically been sucking women/people...

i was reminded of this when i read this and this, too!

but, of course, there is, as in all of hadad's performances, a high element of pleasure involved. [for an aural demonstration of the "multimamada" concept in hadad's universe, see the second video on the sidebar].

the image above is a still from a video clip by lucía maya featuring our multimamada extraordinaire. if i've managed to pique your curiosity, check it out!

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