Thursday, April 24, 2008

regina's "popurrí palomero" (w/special guest, the sleeping mexican)

one for the sleeping mexican archive.

in the summer of 2007 the political cabaretera regina orozco (aka la megabizcocho aka la soprano vedette) performed her show, rosa mexicano, in mexico city's main square, el zócalo. (10q mister ebrard)

i poised myself on the side of the stage with my wiggly camera (sorry about that, promise to bring tripod along next time!) and captured most of the show. here's a snippet, when la megabizcocho sings a "popurrí palomero" (i.e. a selection of ranchera classics about palomas).

p.s. more on la megabizcocho later ;-)

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The Sleeping Mexican Archive said...

por favor....indulge us a little: what is your reading of the Sleeping Mex semiotics as deployed by Regina here?'s fantastic fodder